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Winning Seasons...

So I am a die-hard Philly sports fan and at the moment of this blog, the Eagles are 7-0 and I will be attending game 4 of the World Series at Citizens Bank Park. The energy of it all is overwhelming, unexpected and has everyone talking about it wherever you go. But I also know as a fan who attended the Eagles Superbowl parade, that things can fall apart the following year, and even the truest fan will try to decipher why we aren't winning all the time.

Currently my art calendar is quickly filling up with events and commercial work, and I admit to feeling the same as I do with my sports teams. I am excited that things are going my way, but I

am also a bit overwhelmed as I want to make sure my projects are done well and timely as well as putting in the work and time it takes to market my art to keep business rolling in slower seasons. I realize this type of business comes in waves and yet it is still essential that I keep an eye on the future as well as the windows and murals and commissions.

One item is becoming my saving grace more and more... and that is my daily planner. (Which I need to order my 2023 today!) Juggling becomes easier when you limit the balls in the air, and my planner helps me say no to more, and to make sure I have time in the studio, time to blog, time to market my paintings and events, and of course my time at Pinspiration.

It is when I try to wing it that I drop a ball. And no sports fan is happy when their favorite players drop a ball. Booooooo!

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