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The Art of Letting Things Happen...

A pastor friend once shared (and I think he attributed this quote to someone else) that "faith is simply exercising a good memory."

I like to do that as often as possible, especially after a life transition: review and reflect on the new situations and circles of people around me. We can plan out our goals and steps for the next month and year so we can move forward- which we should be. But in the midst of taking those steps, life comes along and can surprise you. You meet someone who later down the line ends up being a bigger part of your journey. Or your plans include making 10 connections for your business and number 3 ends up changing your course in a huge and unexpected way that your plans did not account for.

Don't get me wrong. When an option comes your way that will lead you off a beaten path, it is daunting, exciting and crazy in many people's eyes. And that is where faith comes in. Not a faith in yourself or your abilities. Those are important to continue. But it's the physical and mental step you take when you don't have the map.

Yes! You are thinking about Indiana Jones on the last challenge to reach the Holy Grail. Do I need to even explain it? If so, you should be ashamed and go watch it now! Go on!!

It's amazing to exercise your memory when it comes to acknowledging God in the details.

"That's why I ran into so and so." "Good thing I didn't go on that trip because..." "I would not have thought about going in that direction." He knows....the Lord knows because He goes down the path before you do. It SHOULD give us incredible peace, but we tend to forget easily. Time to reflect!

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