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Switching Sides (of the brain)

One awesome comment I hear most when friends and family hear I have taken my art business to full time is "So happy for you to be doing what you love!" And I do love creating art. I am such a right-brained person (and left-handed). To be honest, as a kid I would write stories, learn songs on the piano by ear and of course create a lot of art. So it is definitely in my wheelhouse to be involved in those activities.

Outside the studio is another world, another side of my brain that I am trying to engage to make this career viable and expanding. The accounting side. The uploading and maintaining side. The networking, emailing and repeat side. I realize there are many, who like my wife, thrive and impress with this side. It is the DARK SIDE for me. Getting everything set up and edited and syncing up with each other (this requires remembering the 20 versions of 3 passwords that never seem to be right).

The biggest challenge is when I have to transition from one side to the other. And that is where my weekly planner becomes my lifeline. Juggling several things is not efficient, and it also kills a creative flow. So you will find clear separations of LEFT/RIGHT brained activities. One of the healthiest ideas I discussed with my business coach is actually getting out of the studio to work on admin/website/marketing tasks. Even now, I write this in my local Starbucks, with the hustle and bustle of the store creates an energy and a white noise that allows my right side to focus.

The great part of having my studio in my garage is I can paint/create at any time. And that gives me the freedom to block in good chunks of time in the DARK SIDE to conquer those items, which in turn allows me to breathe deep and let my LEFT BRAIN flow. What is a task that you dislike but need to complete to move ahead?

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