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Planning to Thrive Not Just Survive

Updated: Dec 14, 2022


Allow me to share this disclaimer first: where I am right now in my life and this growing art journey is filled with appreciation to God and all those who have played a part up to this point. I am still surprised and joyful, and yet I cannot be complacent or content when I know this is not where I set up camp along the path. There are turns and forks in the road and so I need to prepare for today and for what could come. Disclaimer done. On with the thoughts...

Currently I am in the midst of transition: learning the ropes at a new job while building momentum for my studio business. And both are exciting and becoming easier to do. The challenge that I am processing is: what kind of art business should Blashe Art Studio become - (identity and main income) but also what things are necessary in the now (immediate bills and supplies) and how does the now support the hopeful future?

That's why it is essential I keep communications with both my business coach and my art world friends who ask similar questions but from different perspectives. "Will the things that you are currently doing support the main thing- which is to paint original creative pieces of art and sell those extensively?"

This is going to become a challenging but initial filter when it comes to scheduling my time and priorities. Right now there are many events and opportunities coming my way: craft shows, group painting events, teaching teens in a summer program, commissions and of course my scheduled job at Pinspiration. All of these create some sort of income and I enjoy each of them. But if you look at that list, none of them are actually me in the studio, creating fresh new art to share. So at some point those immediate income streams need to be phased down and even out.

In the midst of processing this, I am finally starting to dream about what my art life can be in the future. But that's for me to dream! Just know that if you are reading this, you play a part.

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