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More Wood for the Fire

So another chapter begins, although I can't tell you what chapter I am on in my recent art life. The past three months have been a great learning experience and momentum builder. I had the unique opportunity to spend those three months totally concentrated on not only painting and creating, but seeing where my time is best spent, and creating many networks where I can bring my art and my abilities to engage others.

My next challenge is to focus on those items that will get my art there, as well as be able to pay the bills and have some benefits to cover myself. So in review, the fire was lit, I kept adding some kindling here and there, then for a few months I had a support system that added fuel to the fire as I stepped up my game. Now there is a new way of keeping the fire going.

Through building my network the past few months, one of my connections for events is now going to become both a place to work to bring income and benefits, but is also going to be a place to build new art customers and events. Pinspiration in East Greenwich is a DIY arts and crafts shop that is a top notch location for events and groups. I have previously done a couple paint your pet events there. The perks of just being connected there are fantastic, and the best part is the owners know this is a win-win situation and encourage it.

As I get to learn the Pinspiration business, I will still be available for commissioned art and events. Please contact me if you would like a unique and custom piece of art for your home or a loved one. And please check out my new place of work to see what they offer. Peace!

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