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Creating as Marketing

As I sit in my studio varnishing paintings and answering some event emails, I see the stacks of finished artwork that has not sold yet, and the larger stacks of new canvases and sketch pads to one day become new pieces. There are days when the doubts creep in; not about my ability to create but about how much time I spend trying to get my art seen by the public and eventually sold. There is also the conscious and subconscious questions: Should I do more pencil sketches? Do I paint more ferris wheels and pigs since they sold so quickly last year? Which artwork should I use to promote my website? How do I drum up more wedding venue events?

Enter my boy, Harry Connick Jr. my favorite musician... who I was just listening to. Most people know him for his big band albums. But what most people have not heard is a couple of his New Orleans rock/funk albums from a while back, "She" and "Star Turtle". They are amazing and quirky in their own way. As an artist, he stepped out and created something that was not what he was known for. It is those kinds of risks that help an artist to grow, and for their creations to be shared by a greater audience.

This reminds me to continue to step out and explore what could be, not to stay where I am, painting the same things. It also creates more interest, as I share photos and videos of new work and events. I have definitely found that when I share my processes, timelapses and new pieces, I reach new people and remind those who already follow my work, that maybe there is something for them now. So as much as I try to find the best ways to grow my art business, the one undeniable marketing tool is me creating more. So get ready to see some new things from Blashe Art Studio in 2023!

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